Printing Guide


Where To Print

These sites allow you to easily upload JPG and PDF images to print. I have had wonderful results with these services, the colors are outstanding, and they are quite affordable.

Office Max

Print From Home

For most printable artwork, you can get decent results using your own home inkjet printer. I recommend a paper thickness of at least 110 lb. Be mindful of the maximum paper thickness your printer can handle. You can find this in your printer’s manual. Some printers may not be able to handle anything thicker than normal computer paper.

You can buy any type of paper that you want. I purchase a bright white cardstock at Hobby Lobby that works great in my printer.

Here is the printer that I use and love… in case you’re in the market for one.

Artwork Sizes

Most of the downloads in the stock shop measure perfect squares 17″ by 17″ or 12″ by 12.” These can be scaled to fit smaller square sizes just fine. There are also a number of 8 x 10″ prints and 5 x 7″ prints as well.

Individual hand lettering elements have sizes that vary, but art typically quite large and you can scale them smaller for your needs.